Gutter Helmet Benefits:

Protects Your Largest Lifetime Investment

Your home is most likely the largest investment you will make. Gutter Helmet gutter protection helps you protect that investment by keeping damaging rain water where it belongs—in the downspouts and away from your house and your landscaping. Water running off of your roof can splash back onto your home, causing flooding, foundation damage, soil erosion, rotting wood and siding damage. In addition to preventing that damage, Gutter Helmet is a beautiful complement to your home, with a sleek design and textured PermaLife™ finish available in your choice of color.


House with Gutter Helmet


  • Installs Over New or Existing Gutters
  • Gutters Can't Clog or Overflow
  • Keeps Leaves, Needles, Dirt, and Debris Out
  • Prevents Animals, Birds & Insects from Nesting
  • Directs Rain Water Away From Your Home
  • Guaranteed for Life


  • Mold/Mildew in Attics, Basements, Ceilings and Wall Spaces+
  • Rotten Wood on Your Siding and Roof Edge (eve, fascia, soffit)+
  • Cracked Foundations+
  • Landscape Erosion (dead flowers & plantings)+
  • Insect Infestation+
  • Dirty Clogged Gutters+


+ May result from clogged gutters and misdirected water